Chet Nunan

Chet Nunan

Chet Nunan

Co-Owner & Coach


1) When did you start CrossFit?
I started in May of 2007 in my basement, starting with Fran – strict pull-ups with a doorway pull-up bar & thrusters with metal plates…it took over 25 minutes!
2)  How long have you been coaching?
I got my level 1 upon deciding to buy into the gym; I also did the CF Strongman cert last summer (2016.) Not to mention, I’ve always been a fan of telling people what they should be doing, which is kinda like coaching, right?
3) What’s your favorite WOD or movement?
Deadlifts, back squats & anything strongman related. Also a fan of pull-ups, toes to bar, muscle ups, overhead squats, kettle bell swings, the olympic lifts…actually, it’d be easier to list things I don’t like: double-unders…lunges…box jumps…turkish get ups. Wall balls & thrusters vex me as well. Did I mention double-unders?
4)  Outside of working out, what is your favorite hobby/interest?
I like to make stuff. In my backyard I’ve build a climbing wall, salmon ladder/muscle up station (love some ninja warrior!), pull-up station, and car deadlift simulator. Other projects completed: a strongman log, fat bar, circus dumbbell, a trapeze and a ton (literally and figuratively) of atlas stones. There’s a notebook on my desk full of other ideas & projects to build.
5) Favorite sports team?
University of Kentucky Wildcats!
6)  Tell us one interesting thing about yourself:
Why limit it to one? I love competitions!  I have done some 25 to 30 CrossFit comps over the years, several strongman comps, and an oly meet. I’ve had 7 knee surgeries, all are a result of playing basketball, poorly I might add. My Hugh Jackman Wolverine costume at Halloween is on point. I’m excessively hairy, and believe that manscaping is a tool of the devil. I’ve been a member of 3 of the local cf gyms & have made awesome friends & learned a lot at all of them. I read a lot, watch ever super hero movie that comes out, and enjoy sarcasm a little too much. Prior to starting CrossFit I was an award winning home brewer & beer judge, though now I’m content sampling at brewpubs. My full-time job is owner of the print shop I began working at in 1988. I’ve been married 29 years, have 2 kids (20 year old daughter & 16 year old son) and my wife is a saint, although not humble about it at all. I’m serious, quiet & introverted, and I might be lying about that. I had a bet with myself over how many times I could say “I” in my coaches page, and I won. I’ll buy a Killcliff for the first person that tells me how many times I said “I” so you can win too. ‘Cause I’m a sharer like that.

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